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sexually abused two boys. >> it focused on jerry sandusky. former coach mike mcqueary came forward to testify what he saw jerry sandusky do during after hours. mcqueary said he was in a penn state shower room when he heard to slapping sounds like skin on skin. i looked in the mirror and saw jerry in the shower with a young boy. it stopped when he slammed the door and he told joe paterno that he had seen something way over the line. now the judge in today's hearing has decided that there is enough evidence to try both shultz and athletic director tim curley.
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reporting for abc2 news. >> stay with for the latest development in the jerry sandusky child sexual abuse case. the fbi is opening a case. they're handing out sketches around the washington, d.c. area. they show a man known as the potomac river rapist. he is suspected in the rape. investigators are offering a $25,000 reward. the director of the fbi has given an okay to move forward with the definition of rape. robert mueller said the updates will take effect in the spring. critics have said the way it is defined now is too fair proa. earlier this month and fbi
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advisory rip panel voted to change the language. the idaho man accused of firing shots at the white house is mentally competent top stand trial. 21-year-old oscar ortega hernandez is charged with the assassination attempt of president obama. the first family was not home at the time. hernandez was captured day the later in pennsylvania. a bomb shell in the amanda knox ordeal. a judge comes out saying prosecutors in the orange case never had solid evidence -- original case never had solid evidence. it comes from the appeal court and leaves no doubt about his decision to set them treatment of knox returned home to the states two months ago after serving four years in an italian prison. the court was critical of
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amanda's interrogation which lasted nearly 50 hours over several days. >> stress, psychological pressure and there was no true reliability to anything. >> the judge's decis talked about the absence of a murder weapon, faulty dna and if knox was at the crime scene. a federal judge sentenced barry bonds to 30 days of house arrest and two years probation but she delayed the sentencingedding an appeal. a jury convicted bonds of giving misleading testimony to a jury. more trouble for an annapolis man accused of scamming local schools. abc2 news was the first to tell you about the arrest of joseph gill after two queen anne's
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schools paid him. another pta group gave him money but did not get anything in return. the school said gill did not deliver on his promises. the question today, will we see any rain tonight. wyatt is in the storm center with a look at the forecast. i think we're going to stay generally dry but we are tracking some precipitation west and south of us. it's close. take a look at our satellite radar view. you can see two different areas of precipitation. if we look at where they are, one is to the west. you see wintry weather moving towards the oakland area. south of washington bringing line in places like
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fredericsberg, virginia. it will be a chilly one. we'll talk about how the rest of the weekend shapes up. in the race to the top, maryland wins it. was announced today that maryland was one of nine states to receive early child hood funding. it will get $12 1/2 million each of the next four years to close the readiness gap. it will go towards improving early cold hood development. the state is focusing in lower income areas. the goal is to better prepare kids before fair formal schooling. >> what we want to accomplish is the conditions of learning in the early years are going to be better in four years than they currently are. >> coming up at six we'll explain how the state plans to
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make this happen and what it could moan for a head start or nursery near you. congress may be close to reaching a deal to avoid a government shutdown. the house approved $1 trillion spending bill a senate vote could come tonight. it replace has stop gap spending bill that expires at midnight. the maker of the blowout prevent ter that failed to stop the oil league had to pay. the settlement does not affect the nonjury trial set for february to determine fault that dumped more than 200 million gallons of oil into the gulf of mexico. members of the maryland national guard will soon be coming home to their families. coming up a look at the challenges the men and women of the guard are still facing. >> and your child is asking for a tablet this year.
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is the tablet worth the money? we have some things to consider before you put it under the christmas tree. plus, do you wait until the last minute to do that shopping? you can get it done without leaving your home.
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since 1788 she's kept a watchful eye on annapolis. the dome was give an fresh coat of patient -- paint. >> reporter: when the congress met here they fond it nice and useful but the roof leaked. the architect raise the pitch of the roof and the dome was
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created. little did clark know 233 years later we would stibble admiring his house. the statehouse dome was last antid more than 20 years ago. it got a touchup in '96. joe schmitz is one of the project managers. >> we were instructed to just remove the lay tax. that's what's been keeping the structure alive. >> there were normal construction difficulties. it took over a month to put the scaffolding up. high winds and rains were anticipated but there were some surprise. >> we didn't have problems with the earth in september or the hurricane thereafter. >> everybody i've talked to said the thing is in phenomenal
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condition. >> reporter: he finds the state of the statehouse dome comforting. >> it was beautiful. the landmark it was annapolis. you knew you were here. >> reporter: with the new makeover, she looks good in team for her 430th session. in tonight's consumer alert, move over barbie and elmo. time to make room for the tablet. they are a hot item but there are pros and cons for parents to weigh before they put one under the tree. >> reporter: this mom of two dana marlo keeps up with her family with her ipad.
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she questions whether he should have one. >> that has come up. >> reporter: like a lot of tech savvy parents, marlo sees it as a tool to teach skills. >> they focus on content, learning the alphabet and numbers and colors and shapes and other related kinds of concepts. >> reporter: but putting a pricey tech device into the hands of a youngster is a concern. there are a number of tablets cheaper than the ipad just for kids. this expert says another alternative is a parent's hand medown. >> make sure you clean the device. you want to sweep it of personal information. >> reporter: new tablets or used, she advises setting limits. >> with any screen time you might want to set a limit
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whether it's one hour or two hours. >> reporter: and balancing tech time with other kid stuff like outdoor play. i'm karin caifa and you're now clicked in. if you want it go for a tablet, today is free shipping day. luxury retailers are also in the mix. if you place your order in the next couple of days it should arrive for the holidays. if you're in a bind, ups and fedex said express or overnight items will get there the next day in time for christmas. you need to stop or call in to a fedex to make sure it's available where you live. all right. we're in the shortest days of the career right now. once we get to december 21th,
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the length of daylight starts heading the other direction. 43. winds northwest at seven. bel air, i want to show you some of our abc2 weather cam. if you slept in like i did, you missed it. then we cloud up. same deal with damascus. early sunshine and the clouds thickening up. one last stop, washington. i think it will be cloudy tonight, cloudy for a good day. we check out maryland's most powerful radar. one in southern maryland, southern -- the southern part of the state through lexington park through areas south of st. mary's county getting rain and also some wintry weather in extreme western maryland towards
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the oakland area. light to moderate showers, so there is some weather surrounding the baltimore area but it's not in baltimore, the eastern shore and i suspect that it may stay out of the area as well. 43 degrees right now. 42 in dulles. 39 in hagerstown. strange noises in the studio sometimes. you just never know what you'll get. 57 in york. it's cold in pa. 46 in cockeysville. i think fortunate not temperatures will be -- for the most part, temperatures will be running colder. there's the area of precipitation south of us. it does not look like it will make much of a move to the north f it does, we could sew a few light showers and west of frederick through the evening hours. i think it's going to be very minimal precipitation at least across the immediate baltimore area. colder air continues to funnel
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in. that will be the case no big warmup in sight. a little more sunshine. saturday looks variably cloudy at best. sunday a mix of sun and clouds with a few flurries up towards the state line. overnight 32, partial, clear and cold with a stray shower. your two-degree guarantee 45. a chillier day. saturday night down to 28 partly cloudy with a frost overnight. i feel look i hear the reindeer. your seven-day forecast shows a chilly weekend but one that will be dry, good for christmas shopping. tombs and wednesday, hour next chance for some showers. >> that's probably rain dear. we're getting into the holiday spirit. you don't have to worry about shipping gifts. you can drop a toy for kid in
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need at abc2 news. roosevelt leftwich is live in the middle of the toys to tell us what's happening. >> there's so many you would love to take home. as you can see, all the really good stuff. it's neat to see all the toys coming. remember, if you want to bring some more toys in, we always want them here. stop by the fire museum of maryland. that's up in timonium near seminary. kelly, charlie, lynette, all those folks will be taking your donations. we'll go from 10 until 2. please bring those unwrapped gifts to help make a child's season brighter. if you can't join us tomorrow you can go to fire stations in baltimore county, bring them
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here to our lobby. if you go to our website, we have a complete list of all the sites. remember, we want to see this lobby full. want them to see over the top of my head. also, remember, on thursday is when we will take the kids out. you'll hear a lot of this because all the santas involved are the police and firefighters where they take the toys out and make the big run into many different areas to help make a cold's christmas brighter. live -- roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. meanwhile a new study shows an increase in the number of adults with colorectal cancer and what researchers found when they looked at older adults. plus, teens and sugary
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drinks. what happened when the calories were moaftd right next to the beverages. currently deployed in afghanistan, i would like to give a shout out to my pooh bear. i love you and will see you soon.
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there's a rise in colorectal cancer among adults. the cases in adults younger than 50 have gone up in the past decade. the cases of those over 50 are
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dropping. it was more prevalent among nonwhite, those without health insurance and those living in southern and western united states. the study looked at women 26 to 59 in the netherlands who were getting routine cervical cancer screenings. the ones with the hpv and the pap smear were more likely to have precancerous cells detected. they said the tests should be used for women 30 and over. it seems teams do pay close attention to what they put in their body. they're less likely to buy sugary drinks if the calories are posted next to them. researchers posted three signs. one said the average bottle had 250-calories, one that said it contained 10% of the calories
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and one said they had to jog for 50 minutes to burn off the drink and they chose water. a recent study shows women who cut back on carbs for two days a week lost more weight than women who dieted full-time. women who avoid bread, pasta, potatoes and regs two days a week lost nine pounds over four months while those cutting calories full-time for four months lost only five pounds. check out our health headlines. this christmas would you like to get what you asked for instead of a surprise? now you can register for christmas gifts. is this a good thing or does it just put a damper on the spirit of the season. plus, hassle free shopping. a new trend mean nos gift wrap, no mailman, no mall.
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we'll explain coming up.
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there are four units still in iraq. >> the time weeks dwindle down. facing the potential of life in prison. private first class bradley manning goes for a pretrial hearing. taking a live look. there's still time to help children in need. we'll be delivering all these toys to area children. we'll have details on how you can help out. their mission is coming to a
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close. members of the maryland national guard are preparing to withdraw from iraq. tonight, as jeff hager reports, many challenges still await the men and women of the guard. >> reporter: more than eight careers after the march to baghdad, the war in iraq is over. >> we have had a full gamut of missions and operations. weave done military police, engineering, transportation, security, combat operations, also had air operations. we've done the full gamut. >> reporter: four units remain in iraq and many may not be returning home for the holidays. some may be sent to afghanistan. still, others could be sent to the peace keeping mission. those heading home will face a different challenge. >> the hard work for us begins when the soldiers are

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